Car Battery Woes

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All too many of us have suffered woes caused by our car battery failing to start our car one morning and when this happens it can be frustrating, embarrassing and sometimes unnecessary. The battery needs to have a good charge in it in order to start a car and so if you had left some of the lights on, the battery may have used up too much of its power to start your car when you return to it. This is a problem that can easily be solved though, merely by jump starting the car and running it, allowing the alternator to recharge the battery as you drive along, just remember to turn the lights off next time.

As the alternator is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the battery, obviously for the battery to work properly, the alternator must be working properly. In the majority of cases though, when a battery fails to start a car, it is the battery itself that is at fault. More often than not, when a car battery gives problems, it is because it is getting old. The life of a car battery is only a couple of years or so and so if you don’t replace it often enough it will start to give trouble. An old battery will start giving trouble by not accepting a full charge which means it may have enough power to operate the lights and horn but not enough to start the engine. As the battery continues to get older still, it accepts less and less charge until eventually it doesn’t accept any meaning, not only will it not start your car but neither will it allow any of the lights or other electrical devices to work like wipers, horn and automatic windows, not to mention stereo.

To avoid having trouble with your car battery not starting your car in the morning, you should then ensure that you replace your battery at the time recommended for that brand. A car battery need not be prohibitively expensive especially if you get one of the top Car Batteries online which is a popular choice especially considering that you can replace the battery yourself without the need or cost of a mechanic. A good car battery retailer online should be able to give you instructions on how to replace the battery yourself and also advice you as to what, if any, maintenance your new battery may need and inform you of how long the battery should last before needing to be replaced. As there are several different batteries available to be bought, the retailer should also be able to assist you and guide you to buying the correct one for your particular car make, size and year. Armed with your new battery and the instructions on how to replace the old one, you should be back on the road in just a few moments, confident that when you next need to start your car, the engine will turn over on the first attempt.