Checking The Exterior Of A Used Car

obsidiansg1 car exterior

Before finalizing a purchase especially of a used car, it is important to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Aside from bringing the car to an independent mechanic, the buyer should also check the car personally.

Even if the buyer is not familiar with cars, he can still do his part by simple checking the exterior of the used car and inspecting each part. Sometimes, some parts on the exterior of the car can already indicate prior accidents and other serious damage.


Misaligned body panels and inconsistent gaps between them can indicate either careless assembly or unskilled repair. Also, the paint color and the finish should be consistent on each body panel.

If the buyer sees any misalignment or inconsistent paint job, he can use a small magnet check if an area has been repaired with body filler. The magnet will not stick to a body panel that has been patched up.

Aside from misalignment and inconsistencies on the body panel, the buyer should also check the whole body of the car for any dents, scratches as well as rust. Light scrapes are nothing to be too worried about but rust can be a major cause of concern. Blistered paint on the body can indicate rusting. Also, wheel wells, rocker panels beneath the doors, and the bottom of the doors should be checked.

Tires and Wheel Wells

The buyer should look at the tires and see if they are still the original ones, and if they are of the same brand. If the wear is more serious on the drive wheels than the other two, then the tires may not have been regularly rotated. The wear on the tires should be across the width of the tread. If the wear is uneven along the circumference of the tread, then there may be a problem with the steering, suspension or brakes.

If the wear is more serious in the middle part of the tires than on the sides, then the tires may be overinflated. On the other hand, if the wear is more serious on the sides than the middle, then the tires may be underinflated. The buyer should check if there is any spare tire and make sure that it is in good shape.

On the sidewalls, the buyer should check for cracks and bulges. If the car has been painted, there may be some overspray on the wheel wells.


The light lenses and reflectors should not be cracked or fogged. The buyer should check whether each light lenses is working properly.


The glass should not have any cracks even if small ones. These cracks may worsen and enlarge, and they may need expensive repair or glass replacement. Slight scratches and stone chips are nothing to worry about but they may be used to bargain for a lower price.

Finding a Good Car Dealership

Fortunately, it is easy to find car dealerships in Calgary that offer high-quality used cars. A buyer who wants to find car dealerships in Calgary should start by researching and asking family and friends for recommendations and opinions.