The Parental Guide On Driving Lessons

obsidiansg1 Driving Lessons

Your kid is reaching the age where they want to learn how to drive a car. You wish you were back to the old days when all they ask was a cup of ice cream and want to bike instead. But good times passed so fast, and now you need to give them lessons on driving before they seek for advice in all the wrong places. So buckle up and follow these steps to keep your children on the right lane.

1. Let them sit in the passenger seat next to the driver’s seat and explain to them the basics about traffic signs and rules. This includes not only the tangible traffic signs you see on the roads, but also the speed limits in alleys, the school zone, and crossroads, the use of giving a left and right sign, how to see a mirror, and sorts. Tell them not only what or how to use it, but more over why it is important to be used and the safety measures of all these rules.

2. If you and your kid are doing a good job on this, it will actually be easier for them when learning to pass the permit written test. For sure, they can find a permit practice test ca for the Californian state on the website, but then again, what is knowledge without wisdom? So make sure you go over the basics again and test them with their knowledge.

3. When you are driving on the road, explain to them what you are doing. Pretend you are a sport commentator who gives details to each action. For example, let them know when you push the gas, brake, or how far it needs you to turn the steering wheel when turning left or right. This will give them the idea and develop their instincts for driving later on.

4. If you think your child has enough knowledge about traffic and driving, find a big empty square or empty parking lot. It’s time for them to have the first-hand experience behind the steering wheel. You can drive around in rectangular loops, and ask them to lean from the passenger seat and feel the steer with you. Let them manage the steering wheel, but make sure you still control it, along with the speed and brakes.

5. Still on an empty place, now it’s your child turn to be on the driver’s seat. Make sure the seat arrangement is convenient for your child. Check the safety belt and tell them to very lightly put and shove their foot on gas pedal. Let the car move gently as you speak. Make sure you are calm and in control when you are doing this, as being nervous can affect them.

Remember that practicing to drive takes more than one time, so be patient. The often you do this, the smoother it will be for them to learn how to drive. Last, check your local regulation to assure you only teach them in the permitted places.